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Tree Planting Program Initiative


Together We Can Plant Trees & Help Restore Our Planets Precious Ecosystems.

Bloom Aromatherapy is working with to raise awareness and money to reforest one of lifes most taken for granted gifts. Together we can help regenerate our forests destroyed by over logging, forest fires, & commercial farming so future generations can enjoy life simplest pleasures.
What do I need to do?

Simply add trees to your cart before checking out. Every tree you purchase will reflect a real tree being planted in areas that need them the most. (Buy 25 trees, we plant 25 trees)

Due to the increase of fires in Canada & the United States we will be focusing our efforts reforesting these locations at this time.

Our forests around the world are being taken for granted. These beautiful living plants provide countless habitats to an incredible amount of life, clean the air we all breathe, and produce fresh oxygen we all need. Help us provide countless new habitats for thousands of species around the globe needing a home.

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