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BloomMicro Car Diffuser (Onyx/Silver)


Introducing the small but mighty BloomMicro Onyx Black and  Pewter Small Home Diffuser for Car, a perfect companion for your on-the-go scent experience. This sleek and compact anodized silver diffuser is waterless and heatless, offering battery powered portability, turn on and play effortless use. Change scents easily to suit your mood, while the advanced atomization technology ensures residue-free diffusion. With a coverage of up to 250 square feet, it creates a safe and aromatic atmosphere for pets and children. Transform your car into a tranquil oasis with the BloomMicro Car Diffuser.

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Introducing the small but mighty BloomMicro Onyx Black and Silver Small Home Diffuser for Car, a perfect companion for your on-the-go scent experience. With its sleek and compact Anodized Metal design, this waterless and heatless diffuser effortlessly enhances the atmosphere in your car.

Featuring turn on and play portability, the BloomMicro Diffuser for Home & Car. An incredibly easy to use, simple USB-C charging, and effortless operation. Its compact size ensures a seamless fit in any vehicle, allowing you to enjoy refreshing scents during your daily commute or road trips. This is the ultimate device for Uber Drivers allowing them to create a mood boosting experience and atmosphere for their customers increasing chance for a positive review at the end of a trip.

Changing scents is a breeze with the BloomMicro Car Diffuser. Effortlessly switch between different essential oils or fragrance blends to suit your mood and preferences. Customize your driving environment with delightful aromas and transform your car into a sanctuary of tranquility.

Equipped with advanced atomization technology, this diffuser ensures residue-free and consistent diffusion of fragrances within your car. Unlike traditional heat-based diffusers, the Bloom Micro Cold Air Car Diffuser preserves the integrity and therapeutic benefits of the essential oils. Enjoy a soothing and refreshing atmosphere without any compromise.

Safety is paramount, especially when it comes to your loved ones and pets. Rest assured, the BloomMicro Car Diffuser is safe for both pets and children. With its heatless and waterless operation, you can relax and breathe in the aromatic bliss without worrying about any harmful effects.

Covering up to 250 square feet, this compact diffuser effectively spreads delightful scents throughout your car. Create a pleasant driving environment and enjoy a more relaxing and enjoyable journey, no matter the distance.

Indulge in the transformative power of scents while on the road with the Bloom Aromatherapy “BloomMicro” Cold Air Diffuser for Car. Elevate your driving experience with ease and style. Embrace the soothing aromas and make your car journeys a blissful and refreshing retreat.

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